Birds of Eden is home to about 3500 or more birds, this comprises of 220 species. The bird inhabitants comprise a mixture of exotic as well African birds (50/50). All new arrivals at Birds of Eden go through a process of rehabilitation before they enter the actual sanctuary because most of the birds that arrive at Birds of Eden have a history of being caged. Many are also not flighted and have never met another bird. Some are malnourished, have hacked wings or other injuries, some are too friendly, others too rude - whatever the quirk all birds need to go through our rehabilitation process before release.

Please note: We have a strict no-touch policy at our bird sanctuary. Look, photograph, video, but please don’t touch.

Role of Birds of Eden in nature conservation: To maintain and protect genetically pure species of various Taxa in a semi wild state, housed in free-flight habitats that are not un-similar to those of the animal’s home ranges. To one day hold the seeds of these Taxa that can be reintroduced back into the wild when the circumstances are right.

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