Our mission at all our sanctuaries is that guests leave our sanctuaries with a greater understanding of wild animals and the threats they are facing. One of our main goals is to educate the public about the harmful effects of the pet-play-and-pay industry (hence the #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign) and the adverse effects of keeping wild animals as pets, in terms of both physical and psychological health. Also important is to teach visitors about the rapid decline of natural habitats due to logging, mining, agriculture and human settlements. We encourage the visiting public to buy goods wisely, ranging from second-hand or antique wood-products, to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that were not tested on animals. The custodian of all the wildlife whom live at Monkeyland, Jukani and Birds of Eden is called The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance or SAASA.

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) is constituted under Section 21 of the Companies Act as a PBO 2000/000667/08. We are a body which strives to improve the lives of captive wildlife. We simultaneously strive to challenge and change legislation which allows and/or supports hands-on interaction and the trading of wildlife.

Role of Birds of Eden in nature conservation: To maintain and protect genetically pure species of various taxa in a semi wild state, housed in free-flight habitats that are not un-similar to those of the animal’s home ranges. To one day hold the seeds of these Taxa that can be reintroduced back into the wild when the circumstances are right.

Please note that all our sanctuaries are non-touching facilities. We do not condone any form of interaction with any of the wildlife in our care. Our staff are also prohibited from interacting with the wildlife in our care and have to sign a contract in that regard.