Nothing beats a good meal

Have you like others wondered what we feed our monkeys, apes and lemurs?  

Blue Bird of Happiness

Ever wonder where this saying comes from? "Blue Bird of Happiness"??

Filming at Monkeyland

We are open for filming at the 12 hectare natural forest which is  

Filming at Birds of Eden

Please note that Filming for movies, series, TV shows and adverts are always available at our Birds of Eden Sanctuary 

Take a Hike!

Finally it is a good thing when someone says "Take a hike" cause now you can come for a hike through Birds of Eden and enjoy the 13 health benefits that hiking brings to the body, mind and soul. 

Gorillas, monkeys and other primates must be saved from impending extinction, urge 31 scientists

We have one last opportunity to greatly reduce or even eliminate the human threats to primates ... they are our closest living biological relatives.

Ring-tailed lemurs face extinction amid sapphire-mining rush in Madagascar

They are disappearing right under our noses. It's likely that the ring-tailed lemur population will eventually collapse.

Using monkeys and apes in film and TV is misleading millions of viewers

AUDIENCES AND FILMMAKERS should be educated on the “unethical” nature of using primates in the film industry.

Why more than half of primate species are threatened with extinction

Our closest relatives are being wiped out and it's all our fault

How to Open a Banana - Scientifically proven!

This is how to open a banana.