Over the last couple of years we have been excited to welcome back bachelours and bachelourettes who bring a date to our sanctuaries for their one on one dates.  It is a special and magical moment for us to be part of their peculiar life journey. We have also had feature films shoot scenes in our sanctuary as well as adverts and documentaries.  

I think one of the most stressful parts of a film is finding a location that fits into the budget of the film.  Some locations also require permits that can take a long time to get approved and every small change requires a new application and/or permit.  At our sanctuaries we are the ones giving the permission as we are privately owned so no need to wait for permits that could take months.  We are also film friendly and not bound by our hours of operation when it comes to getting the perfect shot, especially in summer when the sun gets up hours before we open to the public.  

Our sanctuaries also give quite a unique backdrop with natural forest and animals that are busy with their natural behaviours.

So if you would like the perfect location, you have just found it.  Email Lara for more info.