Sustainability Week, Advancing The Green Economy In South Africa And The Region!

17th February 2014
Alberto Kalach was born in Mexico City, studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, and completed graduate studies later at Cornell University in Ithaca. In 1981 he founded the firm "Taller de Arquitectura X" with Daniel Álvarez, with whom he worked until 2002, when Álvarez left the firm. While he continues to direct TAX, in 2002 his interests also turned to the urban planning problems of his home town, and founded the community "México: future city" (Spanish: México: ciudad futura). He realized several joint projects, some of them with notable colleagues like Teodoro González de León,Gustavo Lipkau and Jose Castillo. His lake concepts were significant in solving existing water supply problems in Mexico City. He published several articles in national and international magazines of architecture, and participates in the "Recovering the City of Lakes" project (Spanish: Vuelta a la ciudad lackustre).     
GREEN BUILDING CONFERENCE / 17&18 June 2014                    

Join international built environment designers together with a host of leading South African green building experts across engineering and architecture to share knowledge and best practice. Continuing the theme of in-depth and practical knowledge sharing Green Building 2014 will again feature Master Classes, technologies and materials, and case studies of exceptional buildings.     
SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SEMINAR / 18 June 2014                   

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy are converging fast into one bold new field – smart energy! Every effort needs to be made to redesign and reconfigure processes to be more energy efficient, and at the same time the prospect of generating energy from wind, sun, flowing water, tides etc, is tantalising. But the real intelligence is achieved by timing all of these interventions so as to reduce peak demand. Effectively reducing peak demand is the holy grail this seminar will workshop. Join experts, leading thinkers, and those that are already doing it as we grapple with the big questions and flesh out a set of practical implementable solutions...     
TRANSPORT & MOBILITY SEMINAR / 19 June 2014                    

Marine pollution, tail pipe emissions, profound degradation of secondary roads, and high road accident fatalities are the most obvious sign that our transport sector is not operating sustainably. SA cities are designed around the car and this is having a massive impact on their environmental and social impact. Local and international experts discuss mechanisms to make public and non-motorised transport more attractive to SA commuters.     
WATER RESOURCE SEMINAR / 19 June 2014                    

Water is becoming and every decreasing resource in SA, and this trend s set to continue. Halting the depletion of existing water resources by cutting wastage and pollution, and finding solutions to silting of dams and algal build up are key supply side strategies. Water efficiency remains the key to the sustainability of our water resource on the demand side. Leading experts and exponents present the latest technologies and best practice in regard these considerations.     
GREEN BUSINESS SEMINAR SERIES  / 19 June 2014                    

Market forces are such a powerful driver of ingenuity and innovation that they have created the modern world with all its wonders, and all its terrors. Harnessing these forces to drive innovation towards sustainability is the only way to redirect the planet away from its current cataclysmic path and the wheels are already in motion. How do we harness the market to a significantly greater degree to drive SA towards the green economy – is the key question this session will seek to answer.     

VISION ZERO WASTE SEMINAR SERIES / 17 June 2014                    

South Africa is experiencing a waste explosion. Our landfills are over flowing and still we continue to produce and indeed dispose of more and more. The Vision Zero Waste Seminar, in partnership with the National Recycling Forum, will invite leading industry, government and related NGO executives, as well as fringe stakeholders, such the Pickers, to report back on actions and initiatives. The session will grapple with strategies and best practice required to achieve a stepped-up level of recycling in SA. The issues will be tackled from both a demand and supply side perspective, and will seek to deliver a set of workable recommendations to present to stakeholders going forward.     
RESPONSIBLE TOURISM DIALOUGE / 19 June 2014                    

Tourism is the point of convergence between the economy and the environment. The prospect of tourism dollars justifies conservation and helps to place an economic value on the environment – as such the tourism sector should be a leader within the area of sustainable business practice, and for some leading companies this is the case. South Africa is regarded internationally as a leader in the area of Responsible Tourism, a term coined 11 years ago in a document called the Cape Town Declaration, and government has taken the topic seriously with a dedicated division focussed on advancing the uptake of responsible tourism. Be this as it may, uptake is not as broad as it could be and experts will gather to discuss ways to jump up this position and to maximise opportunities in the Tourism Sector?    

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