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The Barns Plettenberg Bay

Two Cowboys - 9 November 2013 - tickets cost R90/person - children under 12 free limited seats available. Click here  for further info or call +27(0)44 6981022 to reserve seats.

What’s Happening This Weekend In Plett?

Support local talent, meet celebrity judges Zolani Mahola and Elvis Blue and enjoy the vibe at the Tshisa Talent Finals this Saturday, 9th of November at The White House Theatre in Plettenberg Bay.   Phone +27(0)44 533 0942 / +27(0)834535331 to book  your ticket!

Humans Are Primates Too

This article is about modern humans. Humans, known taxonomically as Homo sapiens (Latin for "wise man" or "knowing man"), are the only living species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family. Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioural modernity around 50,000 years ago.

Blue Monkey Tours

Create a lifetime of memories with Blue Monkey Tours Since 1996, Allan Korsman has guided personalised tours presenting the beauty of Southern Africa, while creating a long list of global friends, many of which have lasted more than 15 years. Today, Blue Monkey Tours is based in the Cape Town region of the Western Cape and we invite you to experience South Africa with us.

Baboon Caught In Snare Near Monkeyland

As most of you know, we have a resident troop of baboons on the grounds of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. A few days ago it was noticed that one of the females had a snare around her neck and on Monday we were able to capture her and remove it.

Baboon Caught In Snare

As most of you know, we have a resident troop of baboons on the grounds of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. A few days ago it was noticed that one of the females had a snare around her neck and on Monday we were able to capture her and remove it

Cape Town Tourism And Cape Point Partnership Launch Blanket Drive For Mandela Day

As winter continues to impact on the lives of those without housing, heating or food, Cape Town Tourism and the Cape Point Partnership are working together to bring comfort and warmth to the vulnerable by providing these communities with blankets.

The Duck Song

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National Bird Week Educational Packages For Schools

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(BirdLife South Africa's national bird week educational packages have just been released.  Dale's announcement can be seen below.  Kindly assist us by getting this information to school's in your area and remember that these lesson plans can be used throughout the year and not just next week.) Please see the below information regarding material for the up-coming bird week. Please direct your queries to Kathleen or Nikki as outlined below, or download the materials as sugges...

Time To Ban Monkeys From Uk Pet Trade

Why is it still legal to import monkeys as pets in the UK? March 2013. Wild Futures, the leading primate charity that runs The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, the only GFAS-accredited primate sanctuary in Europe, was very grateful last week when Michaela Strachan took some time out during her present tour (The Really Wild Adventures) to find out about the charity's current campaign to end the primate pet trade. 5000 primates privately owned in the UK! Wild Futures has been campaigning ...

Fast Political Facts About South Africa

According to the Open Budget Index 2012, South Africa has the 2nd most transparent budget in the world. In 2010, SA was ranked 1st. (International Budget Partnership). South Africa is the only African country that is a member of the G20. South Africa ranks 5th overall on the 2012 Ibrahim Index which measures the quality of African governance, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Botswana and Seychelles took the first four places out of 52. Nigeria were ranked 42. (Mo Ibrahim Foundation).

Fast Facts About South Africa's Economic Status

South Africa ranked 52nd out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2012/13, down from 50th in 2011/12. In 2012, at 5.5%, South African interest rates were at a 30-year low. South African Tax Revenue has increased from R100 billion in 1994 to R814.1 billion in 2012-13. South Africa’s debt to GDP ratio is 32% (USA 100%, Japan 200%, UK 90%). The World Bank recommends a ratio of 60%.

South African Business Facts

SA is ranked 10th out of 183 countries for good practice in protecting investors in business. (World Bank Doing Business Report 2011). South Africa is placed 14th in a list of 21 countries ranked by international companies as top prospective investment destinations for 2012 to 2014, according to the 2012 World Investment Report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad).

Sport And South Africa

South Africa was the first African country to host the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. It is only the second country in the world to have hosted the Cricket, Rugby Union and Soccer World Cups. In 2009, the Springboks become the first international team to be World Champions in both 15-a-side and Sevens rugby. South Africa is home to the world's largest individually timed cycle race (the Cape Argus Cycle Race), the world's largest open water swim (the Midmar Mile) and the world's lar...

Satsa Is Looking For A New Ceo

Southern Africa Tourism Services requires a dynamic professional who will be at the forefront of all travel-related matters representing the interest of the Association and its Members in a new era of travel.

Adventureconnect Washington, Dc

Join AdventureConnect in Washington, D.C. at the offices of Solimar International on Thursday July 11th at 5:30pm to hear a guest speaker and mingle with local adventure tourism and outdoor industry professionals.

Statement On Knp Rhino Poaching Crisis

The rhino poaching crisis being experienced in the Kruger National Park is increasing in magnitude daily. This situation has escalated to the point whereby as of 23rd May 2013, 1065 rhino have been poached within the park since 2010. The Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) finds the current situation deplorable.

Virgin’s Sa Routes Not At Risktoday's News

Delta Air Lines has closed its deal to purchase 49% of the financially troubled Virgin Atlantic, which is expected to help return the airline to profitability within the next three years.