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Around 63 million years ago, our lemur-like ancestors inhabited much of the supercontinents Gondwanaland and Laurasia. We know this because fossils have been found as far as North America and Asia. Nowadays, the only natural habitat for lemurs is 400km off the shore of Mozambique, in the remaining wilderness of Madagascar and its surrounding islands. We do not know how they got there, but we know that their habitat separated from the mainland over 100 million years ago, long before the existence...

Ring-tailed Lemur

Lemur catta

Extinction Threat To More Than 1,000 Bird Species

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More than 1,000 bird species face extinction because of an alarming and accelerating loss of biodiversity, a study warns today. Environmental degradation could wipe out 1,211 species, an eighth of the world's total, according to the report by BirdLife International, an umbrella.