Kindness Counts

22nd November 2017

Sometime I speak with animal caretakers or trainers who do not really want to work with certain species or individuals. I also recognise it from working in departments where there were a mix of species and I was spending undoubtably more time in some than others. Sometimes these thoughts and feelings come from not knowing the species or individual well and spending more time and energy can bring us closer and we can be pleasantly surprised, and fondness can grow.

Of course we all have our favourites and some animals we like more than others but as professionals we have to stay alert that all animals under our care get similar quality and quantity of care. I am sure we know this but it is almost inevitable that it happens, spending more time or providing more activities (including training, enrichment, favourite foods, playing games, being together, etc.) with the animals we prefer to hang out with. 

When I saw this quote I had to think of this, equal care and kindness to all. As animal care professional we can and are doing this, but it never hurts to remind oneself once in a while - there is a reason we call ourselves 'creatures of habit'. All animals we care for should have a meaningful, fun, protected, engaging, good quality of life. 

Giving & showing kindness is in all of us :-)

Article source Animal Concepts