Indaba 2013 Trade Show

21st January 2013

 As a tradeshow exhibitor and supplier of goods & services you have ONE CHANCE to attract the audience to your exhibition. So make it powerful. Keep them there and communicate as much information as possible. Audio Visual is a powerful communication tool, previously underutilized due to cost constraints. Today those constraints have diminished as costs of  video  equipment have decreased and Trade Show Videos are now within all companies reach. The power of a short video which could be placed on your website after the show will attract more attention than the lack of having it there. One only needs to look at YouTube to understand how powerful this medium of communication really is.

An informative Audio Visual displayed on a large screen within your exhibition can be the difference between attracting 100 attendees vs. an attendance of 500 or more to your exhibition stand. If utilized effectively, trade show Audio Visual presentations truly are that powerful!

We are in the electronic age. Give your potential customer a CD/DVD /Flash drive with all your Audio Visual communication tools. Leave them with every opportunity to communicate with you at a later stage. The “show” doesn’t have to end when the doors close on the convention centre. Attendees always enjoy seeing themselves and their colleagues at the show, so capture the event, e-mail the trade show videos to attendees and watch these videos go viral!

Trade show videos filmed during an exhibition can include:

•Interviews with key companies   

•Highlights of featured speakers’ presentations   

•Excerpts from seminars       

•Reactions from attendees            

•Award ceremonies                                             

•Candid snippets of parties

How to Get Started? Let us help you promote your trade show exhibition by maximizing your exposure and increasing stand attendance. Call DC Productions on 082-894-5730  Audio Visual Communication experts

DC Productions will produce an Audio Visual Experience that will enhance your exhibition stand, draw eyes from everywhere and produce results that you were unaware of. By placing the Audio Visual communication tool on your website will ….just put you ten steps ahead of your opposition. So whether you wish to upgrade your current production or wish to start from scratch ….. give us a call. GO VIRAL TODAY!!!!

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