Eateries Selling Bushmeat Beware

22nd November 2017

The operation has now moved inland.

Sunday (Nov 12) the team raided a restaurant at Mile 2, Jalan Bulbul, Semporna.

Meat of suspected protected species were found being kept in the restaurant's freezers.

These are suspected to be bearded pig, flying fox, civet and pangolin.

"Inspection around the premises also found two live monitor lizards and two live reticulated pythons, also protected species, being kept in cages," said the Department's Director, Augustine Tuuga, in a statement, Tuesday.

The local Chinese owner of the restaurant is being investigated under Section 41(2) of the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997.

On Monday, the operation once again moved further inland to Sg Udin, Tawau where they conducted a roadblock along the Tawau-Kalabakan road.

The driver of a lorry and a passenger, age 60 and 61 were detained for investigation, also under Section 41(2) of the Enactment for carrying meat suspected to be deer meat in their vehicle without permit.

The lorry was travelling from Kalabakan towards Tawau.

Later, during the same road block, a four-wheel-drive vehicle travelling from Tawau towards Kalabakan was also inspected.

The 34-year-old driver was detained for further investigation for carrying meat in his vehicle, suspected to be deer meat.

Poaching activities have been reported across the State over the past years, forcing the department to constantly be on their toes.

Among the cases reported involved the discovery of an elephant carcass found floating in the Kinabatangan near Sg Koyan with its tusk cut out and reports of eight turtle carcass found in Pulau Bum-Bum in Semporna.

Article source DailyExpress

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