Bird Arrested On Suspicion Of Spying

21st February 2014
However on further observation by the head of Qena security and the head of veterinary services, Ayman Abdallah, it was confirmed that the mechanism was actually a a tracking device used by French scientists to study the bird’s migration.

Amid unrest in the country, authorities and locals seem to be on guard for anything unusual. In fact, this is not the first time that innocent animals have been accused of spying.

However, what makes this particular story even more bizarre is that the swan is actually not a swan at all.

This photo, published after the bird’s arrest, proves that the suspected culprit cowering behind bars, is actually a stork, even though it was repeatedly referred to as a swan by the locals, authorities and the vet.

After the incident, a state-run daily newspaper praised the man who captured the bird for his patriotism. As of Sunday morning, the bird was still in custody as police awaited permission from prosecutors to release it to the wild.

Sourced from Africa Geographic
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