An Extra Hour Just For You!!!

18th November 2013
Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary will be sending out their first tour of the day at 8am. So for all the mum’s and dad’s out there with little ones who do not yet understand the concept of “sleeping” in there is no need to wait for the first tour to depart at 9am!!

I also know that a lot of visitors to the Garden Route like to get a few activities in, early in the morning so the afternoon can be spend on one of our amazing beaches!  So before you even ask we are giving you that extra hour!!  Just imagine how much bronzer you can be now that you can start your activities so early in the morning.

But not to be outdone Monkeyland and Birds of Eden are giving you an extra hour in the afternoon!  So if you got caught on the beach in the sun shine and you do not want to miss out on seeing our animals – not to worry!  The Last tour at Monkeyland departs at 6pm and the last entry into Birds of Eden is also at 6pm. Which means you can fully enjoy the sun shine on the Beach.

So to sum it up from 16 December 2013 to 5 January 2014 our hours are as follow:

•    The 1st tour at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary will depart at 8am and the last tour at 4pm.
•    The 1st tour at Monkeyland depart at 8am and the last tour at 6pm. 
•    At Birds of Eden entry into the park is from 8am and the last entry into the park is at 6pm (gates close at 7pm)
•    Please note at both Monkeyland and Jukani tours depart approximately every 20 minutes as clients arrive

We look forward to having you all visit us over the Holiday Season!! Spread some cheer buy someone a TripTic today!
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