Man Jailed Over Madagascar Animal Smuggling

22nd July 2011

..Jo van Niekerk, a 29-year-old zoology student from Pretoria, was arrested in November at Antananarivo airport. Around 100 lizards and frogs were pulled from inside the lining of his jacket, including a dead lizard, officials said.

"It's the first time someone has been caught with a beast in their jacket," Andriamanganiaina Rakotobe of Madagascar's Environment Ministry told The Associated Press.

Police say the 388 animals in the case included several species only found on the Indian Ocean island off the southeastern coast of Africa, including a fanged snake and the nocturnal leaf-tailed gecko.

Van Niekerk insisted his interest in the animals was for research purposes, investigators said. He declined to be interviewed.

His lawyer, Solo Hery Rabenarivo, said he would appeal Tuesday's ruling. But he said the verdict could have been worse, since offenses of this kind carry a jail sentence of up to 10 years. 

Police said a separate arrest warrant has been issued for an alleged accomplice who they say is on the run.

who was in charge of the police investigation, praised the conviction.

All the recovered animals are now at Antananarivo's main zoo. It is not clear whether they will be returned to their natural habitat


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